Expose yourself to healthy competition and boost your motivation to pursue excellence when competing. Taking part in competitions ensures that you understand the areas that require improvements and your strengths. 

Paddlers will be grouped based on their table tennis skills. After they have progressed in their abilities, the coaches will regroup them accordingly again. This allows students to be paired with someone of similar skill sets in order for them to maximize their potential.

Students can learn about independence during competitions and adapt accordingly based on their strengths and the opponent’s skills. This puts them into real competitive situations and trains their critical thinking. Ultimately, it showcases a paddler’s fruit of labour and creates a sense of achievement.

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Competition Module Schedule & Time

Sunday (1pm - 2.30pm)

(1pm - 2.30pm)


Training $200/month

If you wish to cancel or reschedule the lesson, you are required to notify the school at least one day in advance before your class. Do note that informing us on the training day itself will result in the charges of the lesson.

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