Health Benefits

People of all ages can play this sport as it is easy on the joints with a bonus of burning 500 calories on average. Table Tennis helps to improve an individual’s hand-eye coordination, cognitive function and overall human physiology. The sport stimulates mental alertness, strengthens focus and tactical strategizing. Table Tennis allows young individuals to sharpen their reflexes while older individuals can refine their tactics. As an interactive sport, Table Tennis is great to bond with friends, family and colleagues. 

Our academy provides group classes that allow the students to engage with each other. The training sessions include demonstrations from the coaches, practising with them and paddling with their classmates. This will help students to learn and interact with one another while getting constructive feedback.

DSA Preparation

“DSA is an alternate system to admit students into secondary school, outside of PSLE.”

- Former Education Minister Mr. Ong Ye Kung, 11 July 2018

The ​Direct School Admission exercise, also known as DSA, was created by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to allow students to enter their desired schools based on their talents and achievements. Students can gain entry by having exceptional performance in arts, sports, CCAs or certain academic subjects. There are two types of DSA exercises, one for secondary school and the other for junior colleges. By passing those exercises, students can reserve their spot in a secondary school or junior college even before they sit for their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) and GCE O-level respectively.

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The DSA programme was launched to match students’ talents and interests to schools that offer similar suitable programmes. DSA allows talented students to enrol into their desired school while pursuing their passion. With the newly implemented PSLE scoring system, parents are still concerned that it may not ease the competitiveness of the nationwide examinations. Students thus place more efforts towards getting a spot in various secondary schools through the Direct School Admission (DSA) exercise. It is common thinking that DSA is an avenue to enter into Singapore’s prestigious schools. These schools are generally perceived to be an effective and direct route to achieve good results in national exams, and entering top universities and having an established career eventually.

Throughout the years of DSA exercises, Table Tennis is one of the popular sports that schools are looking out for. Even though DSA does help to reserve a spot in a preferred school, academic results still matter to a certain extent as the offers are conditional. Students still need a minimum required grade for them to obtain a spot in the school. Therefore, students should apply for the DSA exercise when they have a strong intention and passion to develop their talent through the programme offered by their school of choice.